Sociotechs is a podcast that aims to explore multiple intersections of technology and social issues, with a view of understanding data-generated harm in the light of imagining fairer technologies. Every episode of Sociotechs aims to uncover and understand the intersection of technology and society, exploring how digital technologies are designed and employed to participate in an already existing complex social fabric. It relies on the voices of speakers from the academic, activist and civil society worlds to untangle the design and politics of sociotechnical artefacts, with a view of imagining fairer technologies.

Who are we?

Silvia: I am an associate professor of information systems at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. My research lies at the interface between ICT for Development and data justice, with a focus on the harmful impact of digital identity schemes across countries and programmes. I study unfair forms of digital identity with a view of understanding how fairer technologies can be built.

Tejas: I am a doctoral researcher at Aalto University, doing my PhD in the field of Information Systems. My research primarily focuses on NFTs and how creators and collectors engage with them to create a sense of identity and value for themselves. I love traveling, food, coffee, beer and photography in no particular order. You could follow my work on Instagram and Twitter!

Why the two of us?

Tejas: I think it was just waiting to happen. I love podcasting as a format of disseminating knowledge as it is often a dialogue that is candid, intimate, and more importantly, comes with no rules. Silvia has been a great mentor and an even better friend who has played a very crucial role in shaping my perspectives in academia and beyond. We have had countless Zoom discussions and beers admiring our friends and fellow researchers for the amazing research they have been putting out so, we thought why not share it with you all? Being the social butterfly that she is and the passion she carries, this partnership was bound to happen. The question is, what do I bring to the table? We will have to find out as we go :D

What all would we cover?

Tejas: Well, with the two of us (Silvia and me), I can say we are just both interested and critical of what technologies have to offer. While Silvia's expertise lies in data justice, digital public goods and the politics of sociotechnical artifacts, I indulge myself in all things digital (signs of an early career researcher, eh?!) but I am most interested in digital behaviors and value creation in the context of emerging technologies.

So, it becomes a matter of time and resources poured into this project but be assured that we will bring diverse perspectives and engaging conversations on sociotechnical systems from all corners of the world eventually. 

So, why a podcast?

While academic publishing is essential for the development of human knowledge, we are mindful of the fact that its paywalls and constraints make it accessible to a very niche community. This podcast is an effort to bring some of these critical discussions around sociotechnical systems to a broader audience. In doing so, we hope to spark and engage in deeper conversations about the state of the world with the help of our fellow researchers. This not only allows us to put forth the research that has been happening but give space for a narrative and a dialogue to develop between us, our speakers, and our listeners.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or wherever you get your daily dose of podcasts. Episodes come out every other week starting from the 1st of August, 2023. This website would be an archive and resource repository for our podcast episodes so, please consider subscribing to follow along :D

Feel free to reach us at for feedback, suggestions, and guest requests.

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We are two researchers in the field of Information Systems who love to discuss how digital technologies are shaped and their trickling effects on society at large. Silvia & Tejas


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